Thursday, September 23, 2004

e-Learning Theories 

- there's a difference between web design and e-Learning


Thursday, September 09, 2004

e-Learning Theories 

www.webstyleguide.com - Chapter 3, talks about basic structures

ASSIGNMENT: I'm using this map because i'm using blah blah approach requires this sort of style... 250 words - justify choice and how it links to the map.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

e-Learning Theories: Learning Theories  

- set sequence, easiest to hardest
- can't skip a step, must be able to do all modules
- tested after each module and if you fail you are unable to move
- ideal for set procedures and motor skills

- pre-testing allows people to pass a module however after they skip modules, they continue with the set structure e.g have already done 1-3, continue on from 4, 5, 6 etc
- don't have to pass a module however there may be an uneasy feeling
- require a structure or framework as to where the information belongs i.e big picture
- present with advanced information e.g prior research before starting a module

[EXAMPLE] of music playing being blended between behaviourist and cognitive: doesn't matter what order they play or how they play but you test them at the end

- concerned with the role of emotion, care how people feel
- can understand how they feel but may not make them work better e.g typing
- don't require a set order or structure

[EXAMPLE] of stress management being blended between humanist and cognitive: allow people to discuss how they feel in a structured approach

- no set structure
- building on experience
- collaborative learning i.e discussion boards, researching, problem solving, discussing and sharing information in no particular order
- allows personal learning
- aren't concerned with feeling but what you have learnt

[EXAMPLE] blend cognitive with constructivist: as people may become lost, the cognitive approach allows some structure

If you need structure, look at behavioursit, cognitive and gagne. Otherwise blend in the constructivist approach

- learning by watching other people
- works for customer service, modelling behaviour

e-Learning Theories: Unit of Competency 


This unit covers creating and using simple spreadsheets and charts through the use of spreadsheet software. This unit is related to BSBCMN107A Operate a personal computer and BSBCMN108A Develop keyboard skills.


BSBCMN214A/02 Create simple spreadsheets
·  Organisational and task requirements in relation to data entry, storage, output and presentation requirements are identified  
·  Spreadsheet utilises routine software functions and simple formulae to meet identified requirements  
·  Spreadsheet layout enables efficient data input and presentation  
·  Spreadsheet is formatted in accordance with organisational style and presentation requirements  
·  Formulae are tested to confirm output meets task requirements  
·  Adjustments are made as required   
·  Supervisor is consulted to confirm final formulae  

BSBCMN214A/03 Produce spreadsheets
  ·  Data is entered, checked and amended in accordance with organisational and task requirements  
·  Data input meets designated timelines and organisational requirements for speed and accuracy  
·  Manuals, user documentation and on-line help are used to overcome problems with spreadsheet design and production  
·  Spreadsheet is previewed, adjusted and printed in accordance with organisational and task requirements  
·  Spreadsheet is named and stored, in accordance with organisational requirements and the application exited without data loss/damage  

BSBCMN214A/04 Produce simple charts
  ·  Organisational and task requirements are determined in relation to the type of chart and chart features to be included  
·  Choice and design of chart enables valid representation of numerical data and meets organisational and task requirements  
·  Chart is previewed, adjusted and printed in accordance with organisational and task requirements  

Thursday, August 19, 2004

e-Learning Theories: Module 1 

UNIT OF COMPETENCY: BSBCMN214A Create and Use Simple Spreadsheets

By the end of the course participants should be able to:
- Create simple spreadsheets
- Produce spreadsheets
- Produce simple charts

(Which theory or blend or theories you have chosen and why. Which aspects of theory support your topic and selected approach)


MODULE 1: What Is A Spreadsheet?
- Learning Outcomes
- Introduce spreadsheets i.e what they are, where they can be created (e.g MS excel and Access), why are they used and how they can be used.
- Pragmatist: have objectives stated and reasons behind spreadsheets
- Theorist: reasons behind spreadsheets


Thursday, June 24, 2004

Good luck tomorrow Linda :)

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Yeah it was good during the summer holidays coz we didnt have exams, although I dont like assignments either.

Pigion hole... sounds kinda rude... maybe thats the kind of mood im in tho... :)

That ice cream has made me go high now hehe it was so yum like the chocolate cake from the matrix!!!!!!!!!

Im trying to do my POL so I can hand it in now, but im soooooo not concentrating! Im blogging in everyones blogs instead...

Im glad u know u can talk to me, coz u really can! I like getting phone calls from ppl other than darren sometimes.... :P

"lets get retarded" stuck in my head...

ANYWAY , wat was I saying, oh yeah, I agree, this semester has been harder than all the rest so far, I hope it doesn get any more difficult next semester, or ill need double the holidays/breaks to survive!

Take your chances as they come.... must remember that... I dont wanna miss any of my chances, but everything takes time! And time is so short, like me....

Blog me soon :) Luv KC *mwa*

P.S Get to work on ur POL Part A - its easy if u just sit down and focus on ONE of them, and stick to it! Dont change ur mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) BYE!

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Hey KC!

=) Yup I went in and actually placed it in her pigeon hole (why do they call them that?)Anyway, I'm glad that's done - just only another 2 assignments and an exam to go... =/ I want my holidays now! I loved it when we didn't have any exams at all.

I'm okay - just have been a bit edgy lately because of stress. But thanks for that - I know I can talk to you anytime. I've just been pretty worried about my results this semester. I haven't failed anything which is good but yeah, I've just been on the alert of not doing well this semester. Everything is so much harder and so I've been having to make sure that I put in more effort to not sink =) So far I'm okay but yeah, waiting till the end of semester to see how I go I guess...


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