Thursday, April 22, 2004

Hey KC

No problemo. Shopping on Saturday was cool. I scored a jacket - yay. I got pretty tired towards the end though! Hope you had fun. I think John had fun too? I shall ask... John says: *silence*... uh huh =) So it's all good. Excited about conference? See you Sunday!

e-Learning Experiences: ASSIGNMENT #2 

Okay, I haven't made a posting here for a while because I've been stressing and wondering what my assignments require of me. The second e-Learning assignment I think was hmm really broad. We're supposed to pick a topic or focus to keep our essay on track however I don't think I am able to do that. Talking about only one issue feels limiting hence I've decided to base my assignment on a 'focus'. That being e-Learning has both advantages as well as disadvantages however in the two case studies, there are more disadvantages than advantages. I'm not sure if that is sufficient enough for an essay but I've been working hard on it. I've even completed it too! Hooray. Hope it's okay...

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