Sunday, March 28, 2004

e-Learning Experiences: ASSIGNMENT #1 

My first relevant posting to the subject 'e-Learning Experiences'.

The first assignment is due at the end of this coming week and I think I may have finished it already (keyword being: THINK). What's brought about my uncertainty about this assignment, is the constantly nagging question: WHAT makes this particular subscription, a subscription to an e-newsletter or to an e-zine?

e- also E- news·let·ter (e-nzltr, e-nyz-)
pref. n.

Electronic newsletter accessed usually via email

e- also E- zine also 'zine (zn)
pref. n.

Electronic magazine usually accessed via archives on a website (Bartlett-Bragg 2004)

Using these definitions as guides (assuming they are safe definitions to go by as they were provided by the lecturer), I've come across a few that I have eargerly subscribed to. Still in doubt whether I've just subscribed to some scandalous website, I'm getting them checked out with the lecturer before I can confidently say that I have completed my first assessment successfully.

I won't deny that searching for them was an easy task nor would I deny that sitting constantly at the computer for the past few days browsing the internet has turned me into a slob. This experience has made me realise what a scumbag the internet can be. Stop hiding those wonderful e-newsletters and e-zines that may assist me with my assignments!

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