Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Yeah it was good during the summer holidays coz we didnt have exams, although I dont like assignments either.

Pigion hole... sounds kinda rude... maybe thats the kind of mood im in tho... :)

That ice cream has made me go high now hehe it was so yum like the chocolate cake from the matrix!!!!!!!!!

Im trying to do my POL so I can hand it in now, but im soooooo not concentrating! Im blogging in everyones blogs instead...

Im glad u know u can talk to me, coz u really can! I like getting phone calls from ppl other than darren sometimes.... :P

"lets get retarded" stuck in my head...

ANYWAY , wat was I saying, oh yeah, I agree, this semester has been harder than all the rest so far, I hope it doesn get any more difficult next semester, or ill need double the holidays/breaks to survive!

Take your chances as they come.... must remember that... I dont wanna miss any of my chances, but everything takes time! And time is so short, like me....

Blog me soon :) Luv KC *mwa*

P.S Get to work on ur POL Part A - its easy if u just sit down and focus on ONE of them, and stick to it! Dont change ur mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) BYE!

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