Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Ergh, trying to post my VARK questionnaire results but it's just not working. Obviously dislikes that I'm copying and pasting!

e-Learning Experiences: TEAM PERFORMANCE 

Hehe had milk and cookies instead =P

10:00pm Start

10:03pm Hmm this reminds me of reading out of a texbook but I can't highlight any important points because it's online.

10:05pm I've completed the whole course now but there's no summary of the whole course. They had small summaries of each module at the end but that's about it. Almost doesn't feel like I've completed the course because there's no real acknowledgement other than 'end of module' which may suggest that there is still more to come.

Hooray for completing it though!

e-Learning Experiences: TRAINING 

9:47pm Start - taking me really long to start because John called and he's not feeling too well. He's off to dinner now so I can start.

9:53pm That was an interesting module because I was able to relate it to one of my other subjects. It talked about the design of training.

Feeling extremely tired and cold right now. One last more module to go so not too long to go. I can doo it!

May go for a tea and then come back hopefully refreshed =)

e-Learning Experiences: COGNITION 

9:04pm I'm a bit tired but I just want to finish this course asap so I can start on the rest of my assignment and also just to say that I've completed something. I'm so close to getting it done!

9:16pm Oooh there's activity - they're trying to stimulate my thought by asking me questions regarding different examples

9:18pm I like the concept of 'heuristic' - Heuristics are “shortcuts” we use in everyday decision making.

9:25pm Hmm confused - not sure if that was just an acitivty or not. It said to listen to the numbers and hit the keyboard when I heard the particular numbers however there's no sound...

9:27pm Finish... it said it should take about an hr? It's been less than an hr...
Good on ya Splindie!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done! Keep up the good work!
Ergh I am so tired right now and slightly grumpy. I can't access the articles from that silly elearnmag website so I can read them before class - I think something's wrong with the site because John can't seem to access it right now either. *rolls eyes*

Didn't realise how long the modules would take me either.

I had a wonderful birthday though - thanks for asking KC. It was a lovely three days of celebration. Had so much fun! Can't wait for my next birthday now lol =P

e-Learning Experiences: ENVIRONMENT 

12:19am I'm getting grumpy and tired because it's so early or late whatever you want to call it and I still haven't completed this silly course. ARGH. I just want to finish it. HM.

12:25am Grr not happy that my computer is lagging in downloading the graphics etc

12:28am BOOORING. I'm just still sitting and reading paragraphs of info and more info.

12:33am Done

e-Learning Experiences: CONTROLS 

12:07am Start

12:14am Finish - there was minimal interactivity. A lot of just information being spat out for the participant to read.

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