Tuesday, June 01, 2004

e-Learning Experiences 

Issues for the learner:

*Collaboration or lack of collaboration - boring because of design or lack of social stimulation? isolation and being bored

*Concentration - really easy to get distracted - because of design or learning style? organisations are giving courses for such a long time but how do people come around that?

*Language - different terminology, 'do you know what this is?' easter eggs - roll over the word and give meaning

Issues for the org:

*Measuring effectiveness - can't measure if you can't assess, learning outcomes? completion rate (doesn't show what has been learnt) - don't know what ROI is either, metrics - how do u measure

*cost of setting it up

*Return on investment - long term, cutting down expenses of travel and speed of sending info etc but doesn't measure against how much it costs to set it up etc

*lack of skilled staff that know about e-Learning

*why is it always online? Why aren't we embracing new technology? e.g smsing - accessibility, employees are 24/7 accessible, won't be big chunks of learning but small bits

*Convergence - blending technology e.g mobile phones have pda loaded into them, video cameras etc

*privacy - track people, e.g anne can track when we log on to utsonline etc and how many times we use it, what time etc - who has access to this data? what are they doing with the data? is it okay?

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