Monday, May 17, 2004

e-Learning Experiences: NON VISUAL DISPLAYS 

11:15pm Next module!

11:26pm Okay, got dc AGAIN. REALLY NOT happy about that.

11:30pm Ooh buttons to allow you to hear different frequencies etc. Hmm a bit useless but nevertheless okay. My ear's still feeling funny.

11:41pm They mentioned food!!!

11:51pm Mm waiting for some picture to download...taking AGES. Other than that, I've completed this module!

e-Learning Experiences: VISUAL DISPLAYS 

10:00pm My third module...

10:06pm I got dc off the net - thought I had to restart the module again but phew, it's okay - it's just picked up from where it left.

10:24pm I got dc AGAIN. Not happy! It's such a disruption to my learning.

10:31pm Okay, third time! There was an incoming call >=

10:48pm Wooh, finally something interactive and of interest - they asked me to look at a colour and to remember it (which seems easy enough) - but then on the next page where the boxes all the same size but of different colours, it was really hard to identify the colour again... Thought that was a cool method of teaching. It taught me that people are not all that great with colours.

10:56pm I really enjoy it when they get the participant to do an activity to illustrate a point. Just clicking on next and moving the mouse over pictures for more information isn't the best way for me to learn.

11:11pm Yay 3 down, another 6 to go...

e-Learning Experiences: USABILITY 

8:53pm Start

9:09pm This module isn't any better than the last one - heaps of writing in chunks with a couple of digrams here and there.

9:33pm I'm so tempted to just keep clicking the 'next' button because that's all there is to the course really. That and reading chunks of info.

9:44pm Finished - dreading the next few modules now...

e-Learning Experiences: HUMAN FACTORS MODEL  

8:00pm Hmm there seems to be A LOT of reading and clicking 'next'

8:22pm Getting distracted - there's no sound except when u're clicking so I can hear the radio from the kitchen and because I'm logged onto msn, I've got people msging me. And boy, there's a lot of jargon. Blah blah blah.

8:26pm It's been only a few minutes and I'm yawning. There's just so much reading to be done and ahh very little interaction - the interaction involves clicking on a next button and moving the mouse over a picture to see more information - the colours are quite bland as well, sticking to yellow, green, red and blue although they've tried to incorporate a couple of pictures of people here and there.

The information comes in big chunks - it's a lot to process.

8:32pm It's like I'm reading some report online.

8:36pm Comp is sort of stuffing up. I think it's the keyboard - has a stuck button and so it scrolls the page up etc

8:43pm I'm doing the performance section now and found a pretty good quote that applies to e-Learning courses too.

"Successfully accommodating variance in human performance is a critical determinant of the "usability" of a system. Usability criteria need to be determined at the beginning of system design, applied iteratively throughout development, and used to assess the final resulting system."

8:47pm Hooray, I've completed my first module. Another 8 to go!

e-Learning Experiences: ASSIGNMENT #3 

Hmm Just looking at the start page of the course - do I really want to be doing this course? I dunno, I'm going to try and do the whole chunk of it tonight though. Feeling a bit tired so I think I'll get bored pretty soon...

Hype Hype Hype... Think Linda, it'll be fun - hooray?

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