Sunday, June 06, 2004

Hey KC!

=) Yup I went in and actually placed it in her pigeon hole (why do they call them that?)Anyway, I'm glad that's done - just only another 2 assignments and an exam to go... =/ I want my holidays now! I loved it when we didn't have any exams at all.

I'm okay - just have been a bit edgy lately because of stress. But thanks for that - I know I can talk to you anytime. I've just been pretty worried about my results this semester. I haven't failed anything which is good but yeah, I've just been on the alert of not doing well this semester. Everything is so much harder and so I've been having to make sure that I put in more effort to not sink =) So far I'm okay but yeah, waiting till the end of semester to see how I go I guess...


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