Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Hey Linda,
good to see that you've got everything done.. you know exactly what your doing im soo proud of you, good work girl - wish i had everything sorted but don't worry i'll get there, its just taken a bit longer than i ever thought possible. I hope i'll last till 6.00 tonite, i think we will be great with our presentation.

C ya

e-Learning Experiences 

Module 4:

What do you imagine the future of e-learning to be?
In 5 years: still be around - enhanced, convenient, perhaps cheaper
In 10 years: wireless -

cost will come down
return on investment
continual of education about education
addressing learner's needs

choose one issue - e.g
lack of collaboration,
on demand learning (Adapt or Die: The strategic role of learning in the on-demand enterprise - learning circuits),
role as practitioners (design needs more attention), being able to be connected to the net all the time etc,
RSS (Really simple syndication - go to a website - aggregator - and tells you when something is new e.g provide company with newspaper articles) - puts reposnsibility on you, always up to date, e.g newsletters in email, delivery to ur desk when u need it is good
people with disabilities - voice recognition, sensors etc, not being implementd in organisations - legislation
what if they start charging us for email
viruses/firewalls, holes in microsoft coding
cables between countries get cut and everything is online etc - are we becoming too reliant on e-learning for our own learning?

e-Learning Experiences 

Module 3:

What did you learn about the content?
I learnt that a lot goes into the design of a system as there are many human traits that need to be factored. For instance if

What did you learn about your own approach to learning online?
I learnt that I liked to get the bulk of the course over and done with. So instead of pacing myself over a period of time, i preferred to just sit there and complete as much as I could.
The course made me feel like I had a short attention span - learning chunks doesn't hold the attention alone - need to change pace - next time, can take notes
Screen reading is difficult - need to break the information etc
Recognition of having learnt something was difficult - milestones - feedback and assessment non existent

What aspects of the course did I enjoy the most? Why?
I enjoyed the instances where I was asked to complete an activity. For instance asking me to stare at a colour box and then guess which colour it was on the next page. The reason for such enjoyment is that it gave me the chance to 'do' something other than click on 'next'.
Self assessments - indicators of self learning

What aspects of the course did I enjoy the least (not hate)? Why?
Technical problems
Interaction, humourless

What recommendations would I make to improve the learning for my course?
I would recommend that there were more chances for kinethestic learners like myself to apply their knowledge. Furthermore, have assessments so that the participants knows that they have learnt something and have feedback.

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